The Organik House

#Communauté Durable

During our stay in Ho Chi Minh, we had the chance to visit The Organik House, a small café-restaurant founded in 2016 serving healthy fresh vegetarian food and drinks. It also hosts a “refill station” shop selling eco-friendly products. The Organik House promotes a more sustainable lifestyle and encourages people to minimize their environmental footprint. For them, being environmentally friendly is not only caring about our future but also about the way they interact with customers, partners and suppliers.

Their different missions


  • Offering vegetarian food and drinks using only safe/ organic/ locally-sourced agricultural products
  • Raising awareness of healthy consumption practices
  • Being socially and environmentally responsible in the way they run their business


In their restaurant, you can have a taste of various vegetarian dishes, fresh organic juices, bean milk or fruit teas served with a healthy snack or simply a delicious vietnamese coffee to enjoy the comfortable working station. Vegan options are always available in their daily menus.

The first organic and vegan refill station in Vietnam

Since May 2019, The Organik House is also the first organic and vegan refill station in Vietnam. There, you can find :

Organic and natural food : legumes (black beans, green beans, red beans, …), nuts (macca, walnut, chestnut, …), spices (salt, pepper, sugar, peanut oil, coconut oil,…)

Hair care and skin care products

Toys for children made of wood

Handmade and cruelty-free Fashion

Products to replace disposable items : plates, bowls, cups, reusable straws…

Their store’s guidelines


  • The food is organic, natural and 100% local. They want to encourage local and support outputs for bio-gardens farmers
  • With a zero waste commitment, they minimize packaging and reduce their waste. They say no to disposable plastic items (100%)
  • No chemicals, no fertilizers
  • 100% Vegan – Vegetarian

They raise awareness by offering eco-friendly products to businesses and customers who care about the environment.


“We are committed to offering a simple way to reduce the impact of single use items on the environment by providing eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. Together we are building a greener World.”