Experimental permaculture farm, assistance to local farmers and courses for children


The farm welcomes many volunteers, do not hesitate to contact Olivier if you are interested!

The taxi droped us in front of a house made of rice bran bricks and clay, worthy of a house born of the imagination. There we met Olivier, project leader.

This French lived in Cambodia for 16 years, built this project in 2013 with his wife Darin, a native of Cambodia, to get closer to their family.

Organikh Project is a permaculture farm project which goal is to discover and share organically seeds suited to northern Cambodia and to demonstrate the benefits of permaculture for the community and the environment.

With this project, Oliver and Darin want to help local farmers sell their products to improve their income and boost the development of the village by providing English and French classes and sports activities for the local children.

Here, it is the organic agriculture which is practiced by respecting the rules of permaculture. For Olivier, it is enough to find a balance between all the species in his farm to establish a natural regulation without the use of harmful products. Its motto is “diversity and quantity”: in order to produce in sufficient quantity and to favor the emergence of biodiversity on the farm, he multiplies the species and their associations to give a chance to the most vigorous to fructify.

The farm consists of many beds sheltering more than 150 species. Olivier tests a lot of associations to see which ones work best. The latter are staggered in height so that each species brings to its neighbors.

Olivier and Daryn are also working on the design and construction of bungalows made of natural materials, which they have already set up on their farm to welcome tourists in search of a responsible experience.

To ensure the economic sustainability of the project, Olivier and Darin had to find a product to generate income. They turned to butterfly pea and roselle. These two edible flowers, respectively blue and red, are harvested in the early morning, dried for several days in the open air, then packaged in pretty traditional fabrics. They can then be used in tea mixes or used in the manufacture of cosmetics.

In association with the surrounding farmers, OrganiKH Project has created a cooperative that must produce 400 kg in the year. If they currently produce nearly 75% of the expected harvest, they still have to intensify their efforts.

They also create and set up permaculture gardens for NGOs.

For almost 4 years, Olivier has welcomed many volunteers. Short-term volunteers especially who come to spend a fortnight with them to discover the project and help in its implementation but also long-term volunteers. 300 to 400 people have already volunteered on their project.

We spent 4 days there getting up with the sun to pick up the blue  butterfly pea flowers and help with the various tasks: digging, weeding by hand, building a living fence that will serve as support for butterfly peas and making compost! Do not hesitate to contact Olivier for more information!